Up close with wild creatures

We recently met up with a friend who lived & worked with us in Etosha many years back. We dug out old & new photographs and indulged in the memories of amazing sightings & adventures in the Park.

Our encounters with the African wildlife were and still are always exhilarating and awe-inspiring, as they allow us a glimpse into the animals' world and remind us of their primal strength & wildness.

lioness close-up, Etosha, Namibia

While it's generally best to keep a good distance to these wild creatures - for their safety as well as ours - I became aware again that it's especially thrilling to look at them up close.

A great means to pull them closer, without stepping on their toes, is with binoculars. From a safe distance it allows you to count a lioness' whiskers and look her deep into these beautiful, orange eyes.

close-up of a giraffe, Etosha, Namibia

If you're a photographer you'll go one step further: You grab your long telephoto lens , 400 mm and longer, to 'move in close' and capture the most amazing facial expressions, heart-stopping gazes and cutest looks of wild animals.

These intimate portraits to me are what makes me truly connect with the wildest creatures, on an emotional level, with all my heart. And it often does the same with the viewers of our images.

So next time you're off to a truly wild place make sure you've packed your long telephoto lens and go on a 'hunt' for close-up, breath-taking portraits. They will not only wow your photo viewers but become some of your best memories, I promise.

Elephant close-up, Etosha, Namibia

Thank you so much for being part of our 'Wild Namibia tribe', we're so glad you're here :-).

With our best wild wishes, Claudia & Wynand


Claudia & Wynand du Plessis, Namibia Nature Photographers, www.photos-namibia.com

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