10 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit Namibia In The Rainy Season [Part 2]

April 21, 2018


Namibia has a lot to offer during the rainy season, between January and April.


We've already covered five of our 10 Great Reasons of why it's absolutely worthwhile to visit Namibia in the rainy season in our previous blog post. If you've missed it, click here to read it now


But there are five more spectacular sightings you'll only experience after the rains have come ... here they are:


6. The Cutest Baby Animals

After the long & hard dry season, the rains bring fresh plant growth & rain water puddles to Namibia. Many game species synchronize the births of their offspring with this time of abundance, as it means the best start for their little ones.


Hence this is the best - and only time - for us visitors to spot & photograph tiny lambs, calves, foals and pups of springbok, wildebeest, zebra, jackals, squirrels, Bat-eared foxes (photo above) and many more. This is very special, so don't miss this opportunity!


7. Visiting Migratory Birds

For all bird lovers, the rainy season opens up a whole new world of bird sightings compared to the dry season. Many migratory bird species, who normally only occur in wetter areas, now visit the Etosha National Park and other wilderness areas of Namibia, especially in the North, such as these Greater Flamingoes (image above). These birds fly up from the Atlatic coast, because they now find a rich supply of water insects, molluscs and blue-green algae at Fisher's Pan in Etosha, where you'd only see a dry & barren pan during the dry season.


8. A Colorful Flower Carpet


Whenever storm clouds push into the desert areas of Namibia, a miraculous transformation happens within a few days after a significant amount of rain has soaked the desert soil.


Lush, soft grass and beautiful flowers, here Devil's thorn (Tribulus) (image above), begin to sprout, grow and bloom and transform the landscape into a colorful flower carpet. A wonderful sight!


9. A River Running Through The Desert

Namibia is known for its many dry rivers, that are barren for most of the year. However, every now and again there is good rain falling in their catchment areas, filling the dry river beds with water. Then, for a brief time you'll find rivers running through the driest Namib desert, such as the Kuiseb River here (image above), a most amazing natural spectacle! 


10. The Miracle Of A Lake Amidst The Dunes

And finally, the greatest miracle of all may happen: when the Tsauchab river flows strongly for many days it will eventually reach its final destination, the Sossusvlei, a usually dry desert pan.


Then you'll experience one of the most awe-inspiring sightings in the world: a lake amidst the spectacular dune landscape of the Namib Desert. Marvelous!




So here you go, these have been our 10 best reasons why you should visit Namibia during summer time. Are you convinced now :-)?


We hope so and would love to hear from you about which are your top three reasons for booking a trip to Namibia during the rainy season.


Please hit reply to our email, if you are part of our Namibia tribe, or write to us at: claudia@take-better-photos-in-namibia.com


We are looking forward to your comments.


All the best, 

Claudia & Wynand


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Claudia & Wynand du Plessis - Namibia Nature Photographers - www.photos-namibia.com


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