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10 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit & Photograph Namibia In The Rainy Season [Part 2]

Namibia has much to offer during the rainy season, between January and April. We already covered five of our '10 GREAT REASONS' of why it's absolutely worthwhile to visit Namibia in the rainy season in our previous blog post. If you've missed it, you're welcome to click here and read it now. Now we've got five more spectacular sightings that you'll only experience after the rains have come ... here they are: 6. The Cutest Baby Animals Etosha is characterized by a stark contrast between the dry and rainy season. The long and hard months between May and December with hardly a drop of rain and soaring temperatures, especially towards the end of the year, bring the animals to the edge of surviva

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit & Photograph Namibia In The Rainy Season [Part 1]

Cloudless sky, ever present sun, dry & hot climate. This is what Namibia is known and loved for by all of us, who fancy this 'eternal summer feeling'. Add huge concentrations of game around the waterholes of Etosha during the dry season, from August to November, and this makes it the best time to visit and photograph Namibia's wilderness, ... or so you might think. But what if we told you, that the rainy season is equally compelling and offers a variety of very special sightings and photo opportunities that you will never experience on your Namibia journey during the dry season? You don't believe us? ... Let us tell you about 10 awesome sightings you will miss, when you skip visiting Namibia

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