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The Super Cats of Etosha [part 3]: The Fastest of them All

Here comes the final post of our 3-part-series about the 'Super Cats of Etosha' and we're going to talk S.P.E.E.D.! Imagine you travel on the highway with about 100 km/h ... you look to your side, and... you GASP ... you're overtaken by a cheetah ! ... Well, that's not very likely to happen in real life, I admit it, but theoretically this would be possible, as cheetah can reach up to 120 km/h, which puts them on the victory podium for the fastest land mammal on earth. Cheetah are truly built for speed. Slim, light-weight and extremely flexible, they are masters at fast sprints, which they use to outrun, trip and kill their prey. However, they can only sustain this top speed for up to 500 me

The Super Cats of Etosha [part 2]: A Ghost in the Dark

We hope you've enjoyed our first article in this 3-part-series about the Super Cats of Etosha, where we featured the mighty lion. Today we're going to shine the spotlight onto the leopard. I have to confess, that we're facing a dilemma with this spotted cat. There is very little known about the life of leopards in Etosha, which is owned to the facts that leopards are very secretive animals, are almost exclusively creatures of the night and on top of this are true masters of camouflage in the African bush. What's undisputed, however, is the fact that the leopard, like the lion, is a night hunter. It uses the dark as an ally to prowl for prey animals, which are typically impala or springbok in

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