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Hot, flat & crowded: Etosha in the Dry Season

It's HOT. The puddles of the past rainy season have long dried up. The lush, green grass has turned into yellow, hard stalks. Clouds are a memory of the past. Every single day the relentless sun dominates the blue sky. The midday-heat is numbing, making every movement difficult. This is a time when a lot of the animals' activities centre around the waterholes of Etosha, and where you - and us - want to hang out too, for there are great opportunities to observe & photograph wildlife. 3 things about Etosha's waterholes that make for great photographs: 1. During a single day thousands of animals may visit a waterhole. Peak times are often around mid morning, when most animal species come in to

Fifty Shades of Orange: How to take amazing sunset pictures in the Etosha National Park, Namibia

Sunset is a magical time in Etosha’s wilderness. As the heat finally subsides at the end of a long, hot day it’s almost palpable how all life – humans and beasts alike - begins to relax. Most creatures now grab a refreshing drink – be it a chilled Windhoek Lager beer from the cooler-box or a luke-warm sip from the closest waterhole – and quench their grand thirst after a hard day in the bush. For us passionate wildlife photographers, however, the well-deserved tin of beer will have to stay cooled a little longer, as now is the time for great silhouettes and atmospheric sunset images. Let’s quickly dive into our photo tips, before the beer gets warm. The hot dry season in Etosha, in especiall

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