The essential requirements & specifications that

camera equipment should ideally have for wildlife & landscape photography in Namibia / Africa

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The aim of this publication is to explain in easily understandable language the essential requirements & specifications that camera equipment should ideally have for wildlife and landscape photography in Africa, with specific reference to Namibia.


Understanding these essential aspects will make it much easier for you to evaluate any camera system and help you decide on the gear that will meet your specific needs.


We have seen many nature enthusiasts that are new to photography struggle to understand their own photographic needs and to make sense of the overwhelming range of modern camera systems.


By focussing on the essential requirements a camera system should have, we aimed at putting together a publication that will truly help you, dear reader, to make the right choices before you buy any camera equipment or go on your photo safari.

The following aspects are discussed in much detail:

1) Introduction

2) Essential requirements & specifications of camera equipment (mainly focussed on camera body specs)

3) The right lens to bring to Africa

4) Additional features of modern camera equipment that are desirable or essential for serious wildlife & landscape photography

5) Other camera accessories & tools that should be part of your photo gear on your photo safari to Africa

6) Examples, evaluation & comparisons of some cameras grouped according to criteria such as sensor size, resolution & shutter speed

7) Best lenses for Canon & Nikon cameras to choose for your photo safari (for Wildlife, Landscape & Macro photography)

8) What about cheaper options in cameras and lenses than listed so far? Are they any good?

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